Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello, any remaining faithful readers of my blog.

Wow. I knew I hadn't posted in a while, but this is ridiculous. My last post was on 2-18. So much for posting every day or two. I've had really bad writer's block for a while. Thoughts just weren't flowing, and those that did weren't pretty. I was depressed for about a week of that time because I'd found out that I definitely hadn't made it to go the HT conference, The Feast. My mom used a friend's of trick going to the bank a couple weeks after putting our registration in the mail to see if the check had been cashed. It hadn't. Really depressing. We'd sent in our forms in the day it was posted that registration was full, but we hoped to get in even though it was last minute because we were joining a group that was already registered.

Yesterday afternoon, we finally got a letter from the Higher Things registration people. "Aaron & Nathan ... Greetings & Welcome to THE FEAST!!!" My mom was WRONG!!! Hooray!!! I could hardly believe it, and my mom didn't until she read it for herself. "We're delighted to inform you that your registration pages have been received and the you are coming to THE FEAST!!!" They seem to like to capitalized the name of the conference for some reason. I don't think they did that in the letters for the past three I've been to, but it matched my mood as I read it perfectly. "Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at THE FEAST!!" Thank you Higher Things. That only thing I'm not ecstatic about is that this didn't come Saturday. Heidi Mae and Tokelau are going to be on vacation in the states for three weeks still thinking that they're not going to meet me. Oh well, they can stand waiting for what they don't know is coming, and they'll be having tons fun on vacation.

Before I go I'll briefly mention the couple biggest things that have happened since I last posted. A couple Sundays ago my church's youth group went snow tubing on artificial snow (you gotta' love technology). School's been alright. I've received HUNDREDS of brochures, letters, and emails from colleges, which isn't making that choice any easier. My mom is in Ohio because her mom wants her kids there when she talks to some doctors to decide if she should get a surgery even though there's a far too great chance she wouldn't make it through. Please pray for my grandma. Today in Chem I had a party, and in Precalc/Trig I slept.

Go to these links and tell me what you think makes me me. I really want to know.

Valete, mei cari amici!