Saturday, May 13, 2006

And now....the post you’ve all been waiting for!!! ..........or not, but this will serve as an interim post until I put up the really long post I’m putting up about the Classics Festival I went to back 3rd....heh....

Anyways, school has been as overwhelming as usually. No more, but no less. When school hasn’t occupied me I’ve been busy posting on the Higher Things forums, or reading and commenting on the 50-ish blogs I read, or reading and responding to Mouth House mail, or reading, or going for runs and bike rides and dog walks, .......or just putting off or forgetting that I even had a blog ....heh....

Today was/is everything trash day in our development. People throw out everything imaginable, and other people look for and find everything imaginable. Yesterday my mom found a cool orange chair. It needs a teeny bit of fixing up and a quick sponge off, but it’s a shade of my favourite colour (I do prefer a red-orange).

I decided this morning (or rather re-decided) that Pennsylvania is frustrating. Back out in Ohio or even more in Chicago, when you have a lot of bright, clear, happy, sun-shiny days in a row it’s called normal nice weather. Here we’ve had a period of great days like that, and I was really happy. I feel a lot happier when there’s sunshine. Too much cloud for too long makes me get a leettle beet depressed. Then they started getting worried because out here long periods of sun is a drought threat. Grr... PA. Now it’s overcast again. Maybe this happens because they don’t get those efficient pouring quick cats-and-dogs thunderstorms from the great lakes that Chicago and Cleveland get. I miss 100+ degree sunny days and big warm summer thunderstorms.

Don’t worry though. I’m not depressed yet. I just was thinking about that this morning and thought y’all might appreciate any sign that I was still alive. Did I manage to convince you I am alive? Ha! Fooled you. ;-) :-P :-P

Have fun, y’all!

“Hell is that way...” *points down* “...and Texas is that way...” *points up* “...right, Brian?” (an interesting conversation in Economics class after somebody inexplicably pointed down to say where California was; Brain is from Texas)