Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayer Request (part 2)

Dear friends,
After promising so many of you personally that I would keep you updated, I am far overdue for giving you such an update on my medical life.

Since coming home from college, I had appointments with a couple of scoliosis specialists. We found a good doctor at Hershey Medical Center, Dr. Armstrong, who usually specializes in pediatric scoliosis but agreed anyways to take on my case. After a thorough examination and discussion with Dr. Armstrong, he told my that I should not suffer the kind of pain I have from normal scoliosis, so he sent me to have more nervous system focus MRI sequences done and see a neurosurgeon.

The neurosurgeon, Dr. Iantosca, gave me the news that I do have another issue, what he referred to as a tethered spinal cord. Meaning, the ligament at the tail end of my spinal cord is actually pulling it taut. This in turn means I am having this surgically corrected before I can have anything done to correct the curve of my spine.

Here is where my putting off E-mail matters, and I apologize for it again. Many of you may not read this E-mail before the event, but I am having the surgery this morning, after which I will spend a night or two in the hospital.

I should be home again Friday afternoon at the latest and will send out a short E-mail then to let all my friends know that the surgery went perfectly and I am now pain free.

As before, I am very grateful for the prayers, thoughts, and care from all of you.

Thank you.
--Aaron N

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Because you all are so concerned about my personal library --

Current total tally: a depressingly low 360.

Literary classics: 52-ish.
Compilation and collection volumes: 49.
Religion, theology, Bibles: approx. 35.
Music (theory or books of music score): 17.
Latin, ancient history, myth: 15.
Travel books: only 1, huh.
History and politics: 14.
English and writing: 13.
Comics: 11.
Plays: 10.
Biographies: 10.
Math and science: 9.
Arts and architecture: 8.
Behavioral sciences: 5.
Economics: 4.
Philosophy: 3.

Have a nice night.
pax Christi.