Saturday, May 13, 2006

And now....the post you’ve all been waiting for!!! ..........or not, but this will serve as an interim post until I put up the really long post I’m putting up about the Classics Festival I went to back 3rd....heh....

Anyways, school has been as overwhelming as usually. No more, but no less. When school hasn’t occupied me I’ve been busy posting on the Higher Things forums, or reading and commenting on the 50-ish blogs I read, or reading and responding to Mouth House mail, or reading, or going for runs and bike rides and dog walks, .......or just putting off or forgetting that I even had a blog ....heh....

Today was/is everything trash day in our development. People throw out everything imaginable, and other people look for and find everything imaginable. Yesterday my mom found a cool orange chair. It needs a teeny bit of fixing up and a quick sponge off, but it’s a shade of my favourite colour (I do prefer a red-orange).

I decided this morning (or rather re-decided) that Pennsylvania is frustrating. Back out in Ohio or even more in Chicago, when you have a lot of bright, clear, happy, sun-shiny days in a row it’s called normal nice weather. Here we’ve had a period of great days like that, and I was really happy. I feel a lot happier when there’s sunshine. Too much cloud for too long makes me get a leettle beet depressed. Then they started getting worried because out here long periods of sun is a drought threat. Grr... PA. Now it’s overcast again. Maybe this happens because they don’t get those efficient pouring quick cats-and-dogs thunderstorms from the great lakes that Chicago and Cleveland get. I miss 100+ degree sunny days and big warm summer thunderstorms.

Don’t worry though. I’m not depressed yet. I just was thinking about that this morning and thought y’all might appreciate any sign that I was still alive. Did I manage to convince you I am alive? Ha! Fooled you. ;-) :-P :-P

Have fun, y’all!

“Hell is that way...” *points down* “...and Texas is that way...” *points up* “...right, Brian?” (an interesting conversation in Economics class after somebody inexplicably pointed down to say where California was; Brain is from Texas)


Emily said...

You're alive!!! And I was the first person to notice too. ^_^ Cool.. -goes back to lurking-

Ethan said...

Aye, dark weather depresses me too. A touch of SAD, have you, mayhap?

If hell is down, and Texas above you, then is Penn. earth? And what of Canada? Purgatory?

Heidi said...

Hehe! I live in the land of perpetual purgatory???

Ok, now I'll actually comment on the stuff *Aaron* said. :-)

But -if you're not alive- then I don't have a twin! *runs away sobbing*

*runs back*

Cloudy weather affects me if it's for too many days in a row.

That chair is your favourite colour? (Aaron replies: "No, it is my *favorite* *color*) ;)

Rae said...

1- you can get awesome stuff if you go trash picking in the right neighborhoods (aka the rich ones). My cousin found a gas grill in the trash, for crying out loud..... and I see nothing embarrassing about admitting that you go trash picking, either. ha.

2- I have an orange desk chair that I found at a garage sale, but it's ugly and I still haven't re-covered it.... hmm.....

3- I actually *like* clouds and rain and things (and fog is just COOL), but I'm melancholy that way.... sometimes..... sun is too bright.... the brightness! augh! o_0

4- I can't remember what else you blogged about. oh well. :P

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are good, the chair and house. The chair makes me want to know the story behind the chair. The house could pass for a house in Austria, especially with those hills in the background.

Maria of These Curious Minds is also going to the Feast.


Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Em: Yes. I'm alive. Have fun lurking.

Ethan: Yeah. Sad is the word for it. And yep. Canada must be Purgatory. Do you remember what you wrote on that HT Winter conference t-shirt? I wonder what my Canadian friends will think when they see that. You might want to look out for rabid angry Canadians at The Feast.

Heidi: Yes. You live in Purgatory. No, that chair isn't my favourite colour. It's my *favorite* *color*. ;-) In reality, a slightly redder orange is my favorite color, followed by lots of shades of blue.

Rae: I have nothing against trash picking. Last year, I found a radio, perfectly good basketball, and a few other neat tidbits in the richer neighborhood near us. You could send me the orange desk chair if you don't feel like fixing it up. :D You like long periods of clouds and such?!? 0_o

Anon.(Maria?): Thanks! Since I got a nice digital camera for Christmas, I've really had fun teaching myself to take better photos. Also, thank for calling the hills "hills". The people around here all think they are mountains. I can't wait to meet Maria (you?) along with loads of my other e-friends.


Ethan said...

Aaron, I believe you were complicit in that scheme as well. Besides, there are so many people who want to kill me it's not even funny any more.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

...yeah...but...I'm a dictator. I have to find and use scapegoats... ;-) ;-)

Anan said...

Clouds,darkness, and rain=Cool and awesome. Nyaaa!

Anan the rebelious General

M said...

Who could call them NOT hills? What's a mountain, then? It looks Mohawk Valley-ish. (That is a compliment, because I am a NK girl at heart. My grandparents live in the middle of the MV and i love it there. I also like Pensylvania. I guess i like everywhere except Indiana, where-- unfortunately--i'm stuck. It is the blandest, flattest state you could ever hope not to be. The only good thing about it is the range of weather.)
How about you move here, which is relatively near Chicago, and I move to Pennsylvania?

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Anan: Do you really want to be demoted?

M[aria]: A mountain is what you see in the Rockies or Himalayas(sp?). ...I do like PA though when I'm in my right mind and as a lefty I always am. ...oh, and how can you not like flatness and being near Chicago? Do you have any idea how hard hills make it to walk or bike places, and how hard it is to quickly get somewhere when you have tons of uphills and everything is spread out because of the hills/mountains???

M said...

Good point about the travel thing. We had big problems getting places in SD, especially when my brother decided it was a good time to get a strangulated hernia. -:) But Indiana is just so...nothing. Not desert nothing but just crowded nothing. There are definately different kinds of people so if you LIKE living among angry commuters and wild drivers and overcrowded living and barren nothingness and drug addicts and tons of cornfields streching as far as the eye can see, go ahead and move back as soon as possible!
My sister is a left-hander. We've heard it is suppose to be a mild birth defect!! How about that?
How about you go in for "mountain" biking? I've heard that is a "cool" thing to do.
Maybe you like it here because of the friends you had/have?? I know the only reason why I'd hate to move away is because i'd miss my friends.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

M[aria]:I prefer a flat nothing to hilly nothing where travelling is impractical. Be it flat small town or flat big sity, I love it. :D
"Everyone is born right handed. Only the gifted overcome it." "Only lefties are in their right mind."
Palin biking to get from place to place in more fun than mountain biking is because you have something, some dstination, waiting for you at whereever you're going.
No, I have plenty of friends everywhere I live. I miss flat plains, usually sunny days, big and loud thunderstorms, Lake Shore Drive, standing on "the slide hill" and seeing the Sears tower sticking up prominently on the horizon, Einstein Bros. Bagels, and being able to walk or bike to any of my favorite destinations in under ten minutes. :-)

M said...

Well, you do give good reasons for missing chicago. I really really love being near the lake. I just love water in general and swimming especially. I have never seen the ocean though I've seen all of the great lakes. I think i like Lake Eerie the best. Basically the reasons why I don't like chicago is the crazy drivers and the druggies. The drivers scare me and the addicts really creep and depress me. I mean, how could somebody do that to themselves? I am soooo glad i Don't Do Drugs. I don't even know anyone who smokes.
We go to the museums on free days and that's cool. Only problem is we are always loosing people. "Aak! Where's Thomas?" (He and Vincent get lost the most. I also like seeing the Marshal Fields Windows at Christmas. The Walnut Room has superb food.
It really isn't fair you get tons of comments and anan, who writes everyday, only gets them from Maggie and me.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Well, I have had a blog almost four times as long, and for a few days now, Anan has been getting comments from me too.