Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Post-Christmas! A few lucky individuals I know get celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. To you elite few, Merry Third Day of Christmas [Insert three french hens here]. I plan to have a talk with my parents about celebrating Christmas for twelve days instead of one. It would be fun to get presents twelve days in a row and they would be more appreciable spead out instead of crammed into a single day.

I haven't recieved all my presents though. For one, I am still waiting for my gift from my godparents. Their present is always one of the best, but it usually arrives a couple days after Christmas.Also, I'll get a couple presents at my mom's family Christmas gathering. We will be leaving tomorrow to go to the gathering. It will be at our Aunt and Uncle's house near Toledo, Ohio. Every year we have the cousins give gifts to whoever's name you drew at last year's gathering. The adults have a similar exchange. I am giving a gift to my cousin Chris. This isn't really surprising because somehow one of us has always drawn the others name and a few times we both got the other's name. I can say what I'm getting him because as of yet he has no idea I have a web blog. I'm getting him the most recent WOW CD and a glass paperweight with an extremely detailed golfer made out or bubbles inside it. I wonder how they manage to make things like that. Also this year we will be having the First Annual Nicol Family Cook-Off. It started as a one-on-one challenge from em to my cousin Kyle who is rumored to make a pretty mean pancake, but somehow it has expanded to include three or four other members of my extended family. I'm pretty sure I'll win, I've been making pancakes for the past ten years and am the only one other than Kyle known for his pancakes.

We will be at the Christmas gathering December 28th through the 31st. On the 31st we are leaving to go to the home of my mom's college room mate. Her son has been invited by their church (where the father of the family is pastor) to preach on Sunday January 1, 2006. It will be nice to see the Naumanns again, especially Dorothy and Nigel, the two who are close to my age.

I have just one more thing to comment on before I leave you all alone. Yesterday we finally went to see Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was better than I exspected. I have only two complaints with the movie. The journey from the beavers' home to the stone table was drastically altered to make it more of a action packed chase scene, and in the battle the White Witch was killed by Aslan. The second mutilation is the worst injury of the two. The Witch is not supposed to die, she just isn't ever seen again and everyone assumes she was killed. This becomes important in two of the later Chronicles. In Prince Caspian, a hag suggests that they might be able to bring the White Witch back by magic since no one knows that she accually died. In The Silver Chair, it is asked if the Green Witch, the Snake, might actually be the White Witch returned.

Well, that's the end of my ramblings for now. I might not be able to post again until after New Year's Day. So in advance I'll wish you a


Heidi said...

I think it's interesting that you cook. Good luck with the pancakes!

I have not yet seen LWW but I love the books and hope to see the movie soon.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Yeah, I've always loved cooking. Unfortunately, I got last place in the pancake contest. Grr...! I found out afterwards that everyone else used mix! Oh well. Next year I'll just purpose something that has to be made from scratch.

See the movie!