Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ninja Sith

While you're waiting for a more substantial post, I am:

A Ninja
You scored 8 Honor, 5 Justice, 4 Adventure, and 6 Individuality!

You are a soldier of the night. You rely on no more than your cunning and your repuation to strike fear in the hearts of lord and peasant alike. You've a sense of honor, but one that comes from within, not imposed from outside.
Black clothes and shuriken for you. You're gonna do just fine.

Darth Bane
You scored 38% wisdom, 78% aggression, 84% power, and 33% morality!
Your aggression and power have made you a survivor. You have emerged alive through a sea of death during the apparent collapse of the Sith. You are still not much for morality, though, being a Sith Lord. Some have called your decision to limit the amount of Sith to two beings wise, but the future proved you wrong.


Ethan said...

33% Morality? 33%?

Pious blighter.

:-D :-P

Heidi said...

Hehe, I was going to say too: what happened to morality and wisdom??? :P

I want to post on my blog but I'm too distracted and can't post about what distracts me. I will next week.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

I think Ehtan was commenting on how high it was.... I don't know how morality got so high. I must be going soft.
*kills some innocent bystanders*
*morality lowers to 25%*
There. That's a bit better. ;-)

Favorite Apron said...

On a 6 on individuality? No way! You're the most individual person I know!

Anan said...

Hey! ::is killed because she is an innocent bystander::

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Mrs E.: Thanks. :-)

Anna: Yay! *kills another* :P