Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I've been gone. Could you tell? I've been attending an intensive three-week calculus course at Colorado College in the CO Springs. The class takes work, but isn't too hard for me, the food is good, and the campus and local scenery are just stunningly beautiful. Want to see?


The class ends this Friday. I will spend the weekend with my Aunt and Uncle near Denver, and
then return to CC for another week for the The Feast, the 2006 Lutheran youth conference by Higher Things magazine. It will be tons of fun. I will meet tons of my online friends and strenghten my faith. What could be better?
Here are all my friends that I know I will be seeing there:
Aaron N
Adam L
Anna Joy H
Anna H
Alex L
Dorena S
Dorothy N
Ethan B
Hanna T
Heidi B
Heidi M
Kennedy M
Kim L
Leah D
Lynea T
Maggie R
Michael H
Michelle H
Naomi K
Nathan N
Nick K
Nigel N
Paul G
Rachael D
Rachel D
Rachel E
Rae G
Rebekah T
and Tarja M
If their are people that should be on my list or shouldn't be on my list, email me and tell me. I can hardly wait to see all of y'all who are going to be there!


Favorite Apron said...

I can't believe some people do calculus for fun.

Jesse said...

The joys of delayed gratification.

Those of us schooled briefly in the joys of calculus can forever after look forward to the tormented screams of our students, the quivering moues of fear as upon entering the classroom, we speak those immortal words:

"Welcome to Calculus,
abandon hope
all ye who enter here."

By the way, kid, once you've mastered calculus, I'm going to have to teach you why it should be non sum ergo non cogito.

Avuncularly yours.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Mrs. E: *gasp* and this coming from one of those homeschool moms I thought so wise.

Jesse: Actually, I'm finding calculus pretty entertaining. I must have forgotten to abandon hope. ;-)
I know that in its present negated state my blog's title should be worded a little differently, but that adds to its semi-ridiculousness.

Bloghardt said...

We'll see you at the Feast!

Emily said...

Those are some nice pictures =)
I *wanted* to go to
the feast but they were full.


Mom said...

Ah, pictures at last. At least now we know you arrived! It looks beautiful. Love from our mountain to yours.

Anan said...

You're going to see "Aaron N." there? Is he like a cousin or something? :b

The Marvelous Magical Magnetic Maggie said...

Yes, Aaroon N's cousin's name is Aaron N.

Anan said...

Aaaahhhh. It all makes sense now, daaaling.