Friday, January 02, 2009

Survey 2009

1. Last regret: Sin.
2. Last person you messaged over Facebook: Ellen Hough.
3. Last person you messaged over MSN: Ellen Hubenthal
4. Last sleepover was with: My cousins.
5. Last movie seen in theater: Twilight.
6. Last movie watched at home: The Shawshank Redemption.
7. Last time you went to the beach: September 2007.
8. Last time you cried: A couple tears last week when I was feeling nostalgic and missing Heidi.
9. Last time you went to McDonalds: Yesterday on our way home from visiting extended family.
10. Last time you drank alcohol: Two sips of wine Monday night.
11. Last time you used a lighter: The world will be relieved to know I have not handled a lighter since the middle of last summer.
12. Last wall post: Either one to Karen last night or one from Jacob the 28th. (I've been mostly without internet for a week.)
13. Last test wrote in school: My Music Theory final on the 15th.
14. Last person you saw: My dad.
15. Last physical fight: A sword duel with Ethan just before Christmas break.
16. Last person you rode a roller coaster with: I don't remember. It has been a few years since I rode a roller coaster. Sad.
17. Last thing you ordered at a restaurant: A mushroom and swiss burger (medium-rare), curly fries, two tall sweet teas, and a lemon slice.
18. Last time you went swimming: Last summer.
19. Last people who were in your house (aside from siblings/parents): I have no idea. We have had no one over the few days I've been home recently.

1. Do you shave your legs? No.
2. Do you drink? Nothing alcoholic beyond an occasional sip of wine.
3. Do you smoke cigarettes? No.
4. Do you swear? Besides solemnly swearing I am up to no good to try and make maps appear on blank paper, no.
5. Do you do your homework? Yes, but I need to work on doing it in a more timely manner.
6. Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Usually, yes.
7. Do you drink coffee? About as rarely as those ocassional sips of wine and beer.
8. Do you talk too much? Sometimes I talk too much, but sometimes also it would be good if I would talk more.


1. ...anyone who has died from cancer? Yes.
2. ...that black and white are shades not colours? Yes, though I am tempted to argue with that on some weak technicalities.
3. ...anyone who's sniffed cocaine before? Not that I am aware.
4. ...anyone who is gay/bi/lesbian? Yes.
5. ...the square root of 16? I am acquainted with him, yes.
6. ...anyone who drives a minivan? Lots of people.
7. ...anyone who gets straight As? Yes.

1. If you could live the rest of your life with three people, who would they be? A wife and two kids.
2. What is your hotmail address?, but I almost never use it.
3. If you could change two things about your appearance, what would they be? My back and my eyes.
5. Who can you tell ANYTHING to? Heidi Mae.


1. Have you kissed somebody over 18 years of age? Yes.
2. What are you planning on doing this summer? Working a good summer job and hopefully going to a Higher Things conference.
3. Is your life complete? No.
4. Last time you drank? A glass of water last night.
5. Favourite smells? Baking, the scents along a certain stretch of the Appalachian Trail, fresh baked cookies, old books, and Heidi.
6. What type of cell phone do you have? LG Muziq
7. Pick one; Green or Gold? Gold.
8. Would you do anything for a million dollars? No.
9. True or False; I am very excited about Saturday? False.
10. What school do you go to? Bethany Lutheran College.
11. Do you like anyone? Having a wonderful girlfriend of 27 months, I definitely "like" someone.
12. Ever fallen for your ex's best friend? No, I have never had an ex.
13. What was the funniest night of your life? Haha. Either every single night this past semester rooming with Ethan or one of the numerous nocturnal adventures Chris and I have had.
14. Is there anyone special on your mind at this very minute? Yes! My Heidi Mae!
15. What are you planning on doing tomorrow? Sleeping in.
16. Is music your thing? Definitely.
17. Favorite song? I don't pick favourites among such close friends.
18. If you were a Sharpie, what color would you be? Brown.
19. Do you like taking pictures? Yes, but I haven't done much photographing recently.
20. Do you like heights? Yes!
21. Why did you take this survey? Emily tagged me.
22. What's your cell phone ring tone? Vibrate. :P
23. Are you grounded? Actually, funny story.. You see, after my court-martial, they not only took away my halo but also my wings. This is not standard practice of the Heavenly Host, but it was decided that leaving me with the ability to fly would be too likely to upset the balance and The Plan.
24. Do you want to go to college? Yeah! Oh, right, I already do. :P
25. Do you cheat on tests? No.
26. Do you know how to keep a convo going? When I really try, I can keep a conversation going with anyone who doesn't call it a "convo".
27. Can you listen to songs over and over again? Yes, and I do when others aren't around to be annoyed by it.
28. Do you have a celebrity dream wife/husband? No.
29. Do you like the rain? Yes, especially in the form of pounding summer thunderstorms.
30. Have you ever been to a concert? Not many, but yes.
31. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes.


-- Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend? I *could*, but it would be very unlikely.
-- How old will you be on your 21st birthday? I will be approximately three-quarters of the way through my 22nd year of life.
-- Have you ever seen a bat? Yes.
-- Is there anything/anyone you hate? Nothing particular comes to mind.
-- Do you like the color orange? Yes! I like orange to the extent that my bedroom at home is heavily sponge painted orange.
-- Have you ever seen a real redneck? I have *been* a real redneck.
-- Do tattoos and piercings excite you? No.
-- What is the meaning of life?
-- What size shoes do you wear? Men's 12.
-- What is your favorite season? I have no favourite among the seasons.
-- Do you care if people talk smack about you? Yes, but it doesn't bother me lots.
-- At what age do you want to get married? 23.
-- How much are you on the phone daily? My phone time can be anywhere from five minutes to a few hours, mostly depending on my ability to see and talk to Heidi in person.
-- Are you in a good mood? Not particularly just now.. I'm grumpy because I'm sick and haven't been able to sleep.
-- Do you think people will always exist? About until the Earth ends, yes.
-- Do you believe in luck? No.
-- Everything happens for a reason, right? Yes.
-- Would you rather skydive or bungee jump? I would definitely rather skydive.
-- Do you like snakes? Oh yes.
-- Where is one place that you'd like to visit? Rome.
-- Anything you're looking forward to? Yes. Most immediately: flying back to Minnesota and being with my Heidi Mae again on the 6th.
-- Does the number 23 has any significance to you? Umm.. It is the age that I gave just a minute ago as a good one to marry at, but otherwise, no.
-- Be honest, do you like people in general? I do like people. (Shouldn't it presumed that we're being honest on all of these questions?)
-- Big or small dogs? Big dogs, usually.
-- Do you like Big Macs? They're food.
-- Did someone bother you today? Yes.
-- What do you think about death? I don't think about it much. When I do, though, my thoughts tend to be good Christian and orthodox Lutheran opinions of death and the resurrection.
-- Does someone love you? Yes! :D
-- Do you know anyone named Dave? Haha. Yes, I know a bunch of Daves.
-- Have you kissed anyone whose name starts with R? No.
-- Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member? Yes, once.
-- If you were given a drug test right now would you pass or fail? I would pass.
-- Have you cried today? No.
-- Who last made you laugh? My Heidi Mae.
-- What do your best friends call you? "Aaron", "Nemoyer", "silly", and ocassionally "bastard".
-- Thunderstorms or snow? Ooh, I feel terribly torn on this one. It depends. What kind of thunderstorm are we talking about? If it is a good, long, and heavy one and in relatively warm weather, I pick the thunderstorm.
-- Laptop or Desktop? Laptop.
-- What is your pet's name? Snickers.
-- What were you doing 4 hours ago? Sleeping.
-- Where did you go to today? Nowhere yet, but I have both dentist and doctor appointments later today.
-- What friend do you get along with the best? My Heidi Mae.
-- Have you ever fought over the opposite sex? Haha. Only once, but yes, I have.
-- Are you good at math? Yes.
-- Do you listen to your parents? Usually.
-- At what age did you learn to ride a bike without training wheels? I think it was when I was six.
-- Have you ever dyed your hair? No.
-- Do you kiss with your eyes open or shut? Both.
-- Do you act more silly or serious? Silly.
-- Are you good at keeping secrets? Yes.
-- Do you prefer drinking sodas or juices more? Juices, actually.
-- What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up? "Oh, I left the Audiobook playing when I fell asleep... It's going to take me awhile to find my place again.."
-- What did you do last night? Talked to my Heidi Mae.
-- What is the most important part of your life? Faith, family, and friends -in that order.
-- What would you rather be doing right now? Sleeping.
-- What did you last cry over? Accidentally emotionally hurting someone close.
-- What always makes you feel better when your sad? Talking to friends (especially Heidi), music, or readingmy Bible.
-- What is the most important thing you look for in a significant other? Mm.. I looked for a number of things: a Christian and Lutheran, someone who was kind, and caring for friends and family.
-- What are you worried about? School.
-- Have you ever had your heart broken? A little bit, but not terribly.
-- Who was the last person you called? I think it was my cousin Chris, but he didn't pick up so that might not count. :P
-- Who is the last person you freaked out on? I don't really "freak out"..
-- When did you last see your mom? About eight hours ago, just before everyone headed to bed.


1. Would you date someone who smokes? I wouldn't not date someone solely because they smoked, but probably not.
2. Would you date someone who was addicted to drugs? No.
3. Would you date someone who lived in another province? (Haha! This question must have been made in Canada, just like my Heidi!) Yes, I would, have, and am.
4. Whats your biggest turn off? Someone who speaks poorly of friends behind their back.
5. Whats your biggest turn on physically? Eyes and smile.
6. Most hurtful relationship? I haven't been in any romantic relationship I could describe as hurtful.
7. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone? I haven't ever broken up with someone, so no.
8. Have you ever dated someone who you knew didn't like you for who you were? No, and I never would.
9. What's your relationship status? I am dating a wonderful girl and have been since the first day of September 2006.
10. What's the sweetest thing someone you dated did for you? I could never pick between all the wonderful things Heidi Mae has done for me.
11. Last time you got flowers? I give the flowers; I don't get them.
12. Are you ready to get into a relationship right now? No, because I already am in one.
13. Do you like cuddling? Hehe. Yes.
14. Do you hold grudges? Not much.
15. Do you regret dating anyone? No.
16. Hugger or kisser? I love both, but if I could only have one, hugs.
17. Missing someone? Yes.
18. Most important lesson you've learned from your ex? I don't have any proper exes, so.. nope.
19. Are you happier single or in a relationship? In a relationship.
20. Whats the most important thing in a relationship? Trust or communication, though I think they are tied together.
21. Have you ever loved someone who didn't love you back? Yes.
22. Would you date someone who was broke all the time? Yes.
23. How important are looks? Looks are..nice, but they're not really important.
24. How do you know when you are in love? "In love" is when I am infatuated with someone and want to know them romantically and care for them because of that, but I don't think of "in love" as real sincere love.
25. Do you consider yourself shy? Definitely a little shy, yes.
26. Would you rather date someone who was super hot or someone who was super nice? Super nice, hands down.
27. Have you ever been turned down or turned someone down? Yes.
28. Have you ever been ashamed of anyone you were dating? No.
29. Do you currently want to date anyone? Yes, the girl I am dating.
30. Thing that made you the happiest today? Talking to my Heidi Mae.
31. Would you ever date anyone your parents disapproved of? No, never.
32. Do you stay friends with the people you date? Having no exgirlfriends, I don't know. I know it would be much harder to be just friends with a girl after dating her, which makes me even less sure whether I would or not. I would hope to.
33. Would you fight over someone you wanted to be with? If they were already with someone else, no.
34. Do you kiss on the first date? No, and I never would.
35. Would you date someone a *LOT* older or younger than you? No.
36. Does the person you currently like know you like them? Haha. Yes, she does.
37. Do you think the word 'love' is overused? I think it is more misused than overused.
38. Ever been called a whore? A couple times, yes.
39. If someone cheated on you, would you take them back if you really loved them? I might, but probably not.

-- Do you tend to rip the paper off water bottles? Sometimes.
-- Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Danielle.
-- What was the last advice you gave someone? I give out lots of insignifcant advice, so I don't remember.
-- Is it easier to forgive or to forget? Independently of each other, it is decidedly easier to forgive. Forgetting is nearly impossible without forgiving first.
-- Do you give out second chances easily? Yes.
-- Have you ever had a dream about people you love dying? Yes. It is one of the few things that really scares me.
-- Who was the last person you cried in front of? Heidi.
-- Have you ever had a panic attack? No.
-- Is it awkward when you run into your enemies? I have no particularly strong enemies, so no.
-- What is your current mood? Apathetic and drowsy.
-- Have a crazy side? Anyone who knows me knows better than to inquire after that. ;-) Yes.
-- Ever had a near death experience? Mm, no.
-- Angry at anyone? No.
-- Do you wanna see somebody right now? Yes!
-- Where is your ex? I have none.
-- Have you ever kissed in the rain? Um, I don't think so, but I'm not 100% sure.


1. Your mom and you = friendly
2. I am listening to = myself breathing
3. maybe i should = try to sleep more
4. I love = Heidi Mae.
5. Chocolate is = Tasty and a good gift for a girlfriend.
6. I don't understand = myself
7. I've lost respect for = politicians
8. I last ate = enchiladas
9. The meaning of my display name is = Um.. it is my given name?
10. God = the all-powerful creator, King, Lord, and Savior of the universe.
11. Someday = over the rainbow
12. I will always remember = THE ALAMO!
13. Love seems to be = Horribly convulated and misunderstood in contemporary society.
14. I never want to lose = Heidi.
15. Tomorrow I'll be with = family.
16. My myspace is = stupid.
17. I always get annoyed when = I never get annoyed?..
18. Parties = would rock my world if I ever went to any. :P
19. What happened to #19? = your face
20. Simple kisses = Contentment.
21. Today I = begin the rest of my life.
22. I wish = I were with my Heidi Mae.
23. Randy = Travis


01. Is your hair wet? I feel vaguely stalked. Yes. I just took a shower.
02. Is your cellphone by you? Near enough, yes.
03. Do you miss someone? Yes.
04. Are you wearing chapstick? No.
05. Are you wearing pajamas? No.
06. Are you tired? Yes.
08. Are you mad? No.
09. Are you upset? No.


01. ...recently done anything you regret? Yes.
02. ...ever stuck gum under a desk? No.
03. ...ever kicked someone a few times? Probably.
04. ...ever tripped over your own feet? A few times


01. ...cursed? No.
02. ...gotten mad at someone? No.
03. ...laughed really hard? Not yet, but I probably will.


-- Is there anybody mad at you right now? Not that I know, no.
-- Do you have any siblings? I have two younger brothers, Nathan and Joel.
-- Do you want children? Yes, very much.
-- Do you smile often? I try to.
-- Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? About half the time.
-- Do you like your handwriting? Sometimes.
-- Are your toenails painted? No, and they never have been.
-- Are you a friendly person? I try to be.
-- Whose bed other than yours have you slept in? Chris', Ellen's, Ethan's, Heidi's, Kyle's, the Maunula guest bed, Zeke's... lots of people's.
-- What colour of shirt are you wearing? I am a SEXY SHIRTLESS GOD OF WAR! *cough* [Order of the Stick webcomic reference for all you people who look so scared.]
-- What were you doing at 2pm yesturday? Napping.
-- What can you hardly wait for? School to start up again.

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