Thursday, February 18, 2010

O, Mankato.

I recently have done a some genealogical research, and today I made another fascinating discovery. I already knew that my family on my father's side, through many families and generations, has had a tendency for time around Chicago, my birth-place. Well, now it turns out that before that they were Minnesotan.

Ancestors on my father's side were some of early residents of Mankato, MN, where I go to college. Christian Wilhelm Budde, from Germany, and Anna Marie Wolf, from France, were immigratants, originally to Illinois around 1840. They moved to Mankato in the 1870s, where they stayed until they died - Anna Marie in 1911 and Christian Wilhelm in 1931. Their children were all born in the USA and lived their whole lives, birth to death, in and around Mankato.


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