Sunday, April 02, 2006

It is spring. This is most certainly true. Everything says so. The calendar, Garrison Keillor, a bunch April fools, and the dandelions on the church lawn say it’s spring.

I finally decided to come back from hibernation. School has been trying to kill me for a couple weeks, but was unsuccessful. And I’ve used the past week to catch up on the Mouth House list and the Higher Things forums. Quite a task, I can assure you.

That’s about all I have to say for now. Church this morning was fun as usual. The choir sang. There were snacks after.

Have a holly jolly Fifth Sunday in Lent. Good bye!

(PS. That does count as a complete recent post, right Seth? -ADN)


Heidi said...

Yeah, it's even spring here! Yay!

I know exactly how hard a task it is to catch up with MH and the forums after a few weeks.

That was a very short post, Aaron. You better write something else soon. :P

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Heidi Mae, my next post will be that thing you just post and that Rachel D tagged me with.

Rachel D said...

Good, I was wondering when you'd do that. Humph.

Happy April 2!!

Seth said...

Oh, for goodness sake! That, Aaron, was PATHETIC! C'mon dude, there must have been more to say. ;)


Is this a preveiw of the kind of speeches you will be making for your country once you have succeded in taking one over? Huh? Yeah, that sorta speech will certianly inflame the people's hearts to your cause. (That was good and pure sarcasm.)

So. I expect much better and more controversial posts in the future.

Dictator Seth, the Supreme Commander of The Anti-Olive Brigade