Friday, June 20, 2008

It would have suited better ten months ago.

I am reading Anne of Avonlea, and this passage struck me. I think it left a bit of a welt right on top of my head, too.

-~- ~-~ -~- ~-~ -~- ~-~ -~- ~-~

"I feel . . . as if . . . somebody . . . had handed me . . . the moon . . . and I didn't know . . . exactly . . . what to do . . . with it," Anne said dazedly...

Anne had a long meditation at her window that night. Joy and regret struggled together in her heart. She had come at last . . . suddenly and unexpectedly . . . to the bend in the road, and college was around it, with a hundred rainbow hopes and visions. But Anne realized as well that when she rounded that curve she must leave many sweet things behind . . . all the little simple duties and interests, which had grown so dear to her in the last two years and which she had glorified into beauty and delight by the enthusiam she had put into them. ... The mere thought...made her wonder if Redmond were such a name to conjure with after all.

"I've put out a lot of little roots there two years," Anne told the moon, "and when I'm pulled up they're going to hurt a great deal. But it's best to go, I think, and, as Marilla says, there's no good reason why I shouldn't. I must get out all my ambitions and dust them."

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