Monday, April 27, 2009

Prayer Request

Dear friends,

I would appreciate it if you all could pray for me and keep me in you prayers. Some of you know what is bothering me already, some of you I promised the explanation, some of you have not even heard from me in a long time but.. ..well, as my friends, I would just like the rest of you to know..for your care and prayers. As I address you, I consider you all friends and hope I can count on that.

I have had back problems for a long time now. The past year, though, I succumbed to seeing doctors over it. I was told last summer that I had significant scoliosis. This spring semester I went to see a specialist at the local Orthopaedic and Fracture Clinic. There they did a number of X-rays series and MRI scans. The final result was that I was told I have a nearly 59 degree curve in my spine and, being past all my growth spurts, need major surgery.

We are now working out the final plans. I will find a scoliosis specialist back home in Pennsylvania and have the surgery some time this summer. Full healing from the surgery will take three to five months, so I am taking off the coming semester of college. Full recuperation may take a full year.

Meanwhile, my back pain is getting worse. I spend an even half of my days out of classes because of back seizes up.

Again, please pray for me and remember me. I don't mean to whine or beg for any pity, but I need my friends' prayers. Thank you for your time, all.

pax Christi,
--Aaron Nemoyer

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