Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cultures and Politics and Military and Liberals: A Brief Thought

It strikes me that the Armed Forces are rather their own culture; it is a way of life. Outside of the various Armed Forces branches, we talk about the life of our countries soldiers. In politics. But whether we are conservative or liberal or neither, it seems we don't take the time to try and understand the culture we talk about from its own perspective, but I especially see the liberals make this mistake. Ironically, it is the same mistake - and a legitimate one - that I see pointed out in hindsight mostly by liberals and atheists of conservatives and of Christian missionaries of the past. That they usually failed to try to understand the pagan's own worldview and cultural point of view before they commented and implemented their change, frequently with devastive effects, even though they did make converts and bring some uneven benefits to the society.

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