Sunday, January 08, 2006

No doubt about it, for a weekend these past couple days have felt busy enough to be school days.

Saturday night everybody I know seemed to be out of character. I made this discovery while IMing a whole bunch of people at once. Chatty people being quiet, unconversational and quiet people turned glib, happy people who were really depressed, and people acting overly sad and philosophical. I girl I knew back when we lived in Ohio but who I hadn't talked to for monthes suddenly was talking to me a ton as well as asking me some pretty awkward questions. You all know you what was up with yourselves, but could somebody please tell me what was going on???

"Glory to God in the highest..." Sunday everything was back to normal. We had another wonderful liturgical worship service at our liturgical church with almost all of it being chanted or sung from LW's Divine Service II. I served up by the altar as acolyte and as one of the torch bearers in the procession we had today. It being the first Sunday of Epiphany, my father preached a sermon dealing jointly with the Epiphany and with baptism. I thought it was one of his best sermons even before he told me that he had accidentally left his copy of it in his office. Today was also one of the Sundays we had a coffee social (delectable homemade snacks, punch, and coffee) after the service.

After most of the people had left church and my dad was done talking, I drove with my dad (Actually, I got to drive) to the hospital to visit a member who was there after having pneumonia and some heart trouble. It was kind of nice to see what my dad does in between Sundays and to talk to Mr. Brown and his wife a bit.

Finally, I came home where I've been the rest of the day. We put away most of the Christmas ornaments, and I worked a lot more on the big semester projects that are going to be due this week.

Valete amici!

PS. Does anyone but Heidi read my blog? I've told a lot of you you should, but I haven't been getting enough comments to believe that you all are.



Favorite Apron said...

Aaron - I find your blog highly entertaining.

Love from,
Mrs. Ekin

Teia said...

hi. i am back.. ;-) i also have a blog..and now i have to remember the name...i am such a yeah..i'll have to talk to you soon.. ;-) ttyl...teia

Emily said...

I read it
My ghost of ghosts reads it too... When you "die" do you get a ghost for each time? Because how can your ghost die? So does that mean I have 19 other ghosts of me?

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

First things first. Why are only girls commenting on my blog? I appreciate the comments of course, but I'm surprised that no guy of all the people I've told/asked to read it are commenting at all.

Mrs. Ekin: I'm glad you like my blog. That's high praise coming from a writer like you.

Teia: I'm glad you're "back". If you post regularly I'll read your blog.

Emily: shh..

Medicus Cantus said...

I'm the other Heidi and I just discovered your blog ;)

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Fuf fun! Another person reading my blog.