Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Okay, it's late. I can't get to sleep, so I'm quickly going to do this blog entry for yesterday (January 3rd).

It was supposed to be the day I returned to school from Christmas vacation. I was entirely ready to return, but there's a catch. I'm sick. I hope it's only a couple day cold, but that's what I thought last year. Last year I ended up missing about 6 or 7 weeks of school instead of the couple days I first thought I'd be missing. The doctors never did figure out just what I had. Anyway, instead of going to school I spent all day alternating sleeping and working on the big semester projects who's due dates are coming up. As one friend put it, it was a "God provided research day". Hopefully, I'll feel better in the morning.

I've started actively posting in the Higher Things forums. I've had an account there for several months, but hadn't used it.

Oh. One more thing before I go. I am working my way through the Seth provided red tape to join the Anti-Olive Brigade. We even talked about possibly forming an alliance of the Anti-Olive Brigade and the Peep Killing Forces. Seth seems like an okay kid, but he wants to take over the world or be supreme dictator or something like that, which is obviously a mislead goal since I'm destined to either control the world or destroy. On the light note, Goodnight!

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