Saturday, January 28, 2006


Okay, I lied in my previous post. I am going to say some stuff about what I've been doing and what is going on.

A couple days ago while I was home sick I finished a long final paper for my Creative Writing and Speaking on Contemporary Issues class. Our assignment was to write a long persuasive research paper and 10 minute persuasive speech on some controversial issue. I chose to write on why intelligent design provable than the idea of macro evolution and why because of this either both should be taught in schools or neither. It ended up being 8 pages long. It was hard, but I had fun doing the research and writing the paper.

Last night my two brothers went to a cabin campout with our Boy Scout troop. I went to it last year and had a lot of fun, but last year we had the snow and frigid weather that's part of the experience. This year it's almost warm.

Today, I discovered that I had strep. After a couple days of medicine I should feel better.

Well, that about all I have to say. Valate!

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The random, mysterious ones said...

With regards to your paper about Creationism and Macroevolution, I completely agree with you. It is incredibly stupid and obnoxious that people will not teach Intelligent Design in schools. Downright repulsive. Also, I encourage you to visit my amazing blog.

Why yes, this is spam. But it is intelligent spam, to say the least.