Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy February! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy anything else that's happened since I last posted!

Nothing has happened to me over the past couple days except for school, so I'm going to write on a topic started on Seth's blog and continued first on Heidi Mae's and now on mine.

KNIVES! GUNS! Et cetera! [insert maniacal laughter here]
Because I used to live outside Chicago, I understand the need to carry a weapon for your protection. The problem is, knowing you have a weapon is you tend to do things more rashly, less thinking and such. I carry a knife around everywhere just in case, and I've been taught how to use it by my black belt neighbor who's taught me other karate and how to use a kubotan. Actually, the kubotan keychain is a lot better because it only takes a little training to get the hang of, but it isn't something your opponent would know what to do with if he got it from you. It's basicly just a metal stick with a keychain on the end, but I know some routines with it that could easily end up breaking arm and elbows and such. How's that for cheerful?

valete, amici!


Seth said...

Ah yes. The kubotan. That is a nifty little weapon. A bit heavy to carry around, though, so I tend to like a switchblade better. I have a tiny razor blade that fits perfectly the palm of ones hand and clips onto the belt loop of ones pants. Its perfect if you're up close to someone and for cutting ropes if you are tied up :)
It also has a curved sickle-like blade so it is perfect for slashing arteries and tendons. Especially the jugular vein and the Achilles Tendon, heheh. Not that I know much about that ;)

Its quite a nasty weapon if you mean serious physical harm. Which isn't too far from where you need to be when dealing with the shady fellows of Battle Creek (no joke!).

Yep. Weapons are fun.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

I know how to break some joints in a couple seconds with my kubotan, joints like knees, joints that don't heal well. It's a lot less bloody, and it cripples your attacker so you can walk off without him bothering you again for a while.