Thursday, February 09, 2006

cari amici, salveo ad meum most recent post! :-P

You may be wondering, "What did Aaron do today?", and I would be mean for me to deny you the answer to your question. And the final answer is: not much. I went to school.

Today I recieved a letter from the U.S. Nation Guard. They seem to think that they want me to join. This means that the Army, Navy, Marines, and National Guard are all after me to join them. Maybe I should flee to Canada. Does the promise to teach me skiing, snow boarding, and curling still stand? ;-)

A few days ago I recieved my first letter from a college. Carleton College. They're 5th in the nation by US News and World Report's ranking. They got my PSAT score from College Board (210 out of 240 when about 147 is the average). They obviously haven't seen my grades.

Okay, my dad's telling me to go to bed now so I'll finish this quick. Last weekend was the Winter Gala Dance. About a week before it, there was an annoucement that 1) There would be drug and alcohol testing at the dance of anyone suspected of having used drugs or being drunk and 2) that girls should wear any innapropriate clothing. It was horrible to hear how many people were against having the drug/alcohol testing, but I already knew that lots of the juniors and seniors drink. It's also distgusting seeing some of the very revealing clothing girls wear to the dances. I went to one dance last year, and there were a couple girls wearing "dresses" that hardly covered what should be. I didn't go to Gala. Not that I don't like dancing, I *love* dancing. I just didn't go because there areb't any girls at my school that I'd ask out.

Finally, THE FEAST IS FULL!!! AUGH!!! Alas! I stil might might have a chance of getting in. We are joing up with a Michigan group that is already registered and sent a cover letter in with our registration saying that we were post last last minute aditions to their group. Hopefully since the group is already registered we'll get slipped in. Oh, why didn't my parents register monthes ago when I first said we should?!? Why?!? I'll just hope. AND PRAY!!!

valete nam pavo tempore!

PS. If the picture below (in the previous post) isn't displaying, then click on it to see the picture. It's my class ring. Up close and personal.


Heidi said...

Of course I'll teach you skiing, snowboarding, and curling! (Steph, I need to learn how to snowboard!) And then you can join our Army. ;) :P Trust me, you would much rather join *your* Army.

The dance... ugh, inappropriate clothing... One thing I must say for Kamsack is that the majority of people are careful about what they wear.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

< flees to Canada > Yeah that's the good thing about small towns.