Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Greeting to all of you from Ego qui non sum!

First topic of discussion. I didn't think to mention this before, but a couple weeks ago there was an assembly at school. It was one of those motivational presentations. I thought it was good as far as assemblies go, but there was one thing that I found rather ironic. Schools all seem really concerned with remaining entirely secular and entirely seperated from religion, right? But in the presentation it talked about what we are "meant to be". Doesn't that imply some kind of design and therefore a Designer? I found that funny.

Next on the agenda for this entry is school. I'll complain first. My math teacher is horrible! She hardly teaches at all. She just talks about how fun math is and about her life stories. Last Friday, the first 20 minutes of the 40 minute class were spent by her telling us this kind of stuff! The story she spent the most time on was even one that she's told us several times before! I spent the class period darwing a full-page, shaded, three dimensional "HELP!" on the back of my Chem. notes. [goes back and shortens rant] Okay. I'm glad to have that out of my system. I'm finally getting caught up on all the stuff I've missed the times I've been out sick, so I'm happy about that. I decided I needed to drop my Art class though. Alas! :'( Because I am so behind in everything. If I was going to make up my stuff for Art it would take even more forever because most of it is studio time. I will make sure I keep drawing and painting lots on my own.

As I'm sure you all know, this past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Seattle Seahawks. The Friday before, they play Steelers hype music on the school annoucments, and in economics class Mr. Fish played Steelers music and let us talk for the beginning of class. Living in Pennsylvania I cheered for the Steelers and... The Steelers won!!! Yipee! Yahoo! Hooray! My heart wasn't really in it for the Steelers though. I was born and raised in Chicago, so I have to support the Bears. I'd really hoped they'd make it to the Superbowl since theyed been doing so well, but they didn't. Oh well. At least the Sox won the World Series. I guess I shouldn't hope for too much in one year.

Finally, I'm finally cleaning my room. It's nice having a floor. I found my stamp collection. I did a bunch of sorting it.

Well, that's about all. I guess I'll be going now.

valete, amici!

Oh. PS. For those who have encouraged me in listening to rock instead of country. I listened to rock last night. I heard a Matchbow Twenty song I liked. It was about being crazy or some such topic. My favorite. :D



Heidi said...

"I'm not crazy; I'm just a little unwell." :D Right? That's a good song. I'm still trying to decide whether their newest or second-newest CD is better...

Seth said...

Next try listening to Audioslave...

It's a much better band :)

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Heidi: You guessed it.

Seth: Audioslave?

Heidi said...

Audioslave is good, but I have no idea if you would like it or not, Aaron. *goes to see if they have any songs mentioning craziness* ;)

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

And do they?!?

I'll try listening to them.