Saturday, February 18, 2006

bonus vespers!

I’m back, awake, and more or less alive for someone who stayed up IMing past midnight. Just kidding. I like staying up late even more than I like early mornings. The only thing I’ll blame you for is my missing the sunrise this morning, and I’ve seen it enough it isn’t horribly important to me.

“If at first you don’t succeed, then break or change the rules so you do.” Okay, so maybe I changed the saying a little bit, but a school principle unknowingly helped me decide that this was true. Maybe, it’s just proof that there’s something wrong with the public school. The other day, my mom came to pick me up at school, but the van wouldn’t start when we tried to start it. We then got someone car trouble jump

I’m actually having some fun getting room cleaned. It’s a tough battle, but still fun. It feels and looks so much fresher in there now, and I’m only halfway done. I’ve stuffed five grocery bags as full as I could get them with trash. That is quite an impressive load for a pack rat like me. I’m just so happy with how my room looks and proud with my improvements.

I’ve had some interesting foods recently. Yesterday, I had an Asian pear. It’s shaped like an apple but is the brown-green color of a pear. The taste is a lot like something I’ve had, but I just can’t place it, and it’s driving me crazy[er]. Maybe it’s like starfruit, another Asian fruit I’ve had. I had braunschweiger for lunch today with Swiss cheese and a slice of tomato and on some heavy German bread. I like braunschweiger sandwiches. They rank right up there with onion and peanut butter sandwiches and peanut butter on celery. I had a coconut-pineapple juice recently too. Also very good.

I need to get signed up for the SAT. I’ve been doing a bit of reviewing with a program my parents bought. The only thing I really need to know has to do with taking it multiple times. Do any of you know how they work the scores if you take it two or three times? At a presentation my mom went to the guy said they take your highest score from each of the sections of the SAT, but my dad is convinced that your scores are averaged. The difference would be that it is beneficial to take it repeatedly if my mom is right, but might not be good if your scores are averages. Could you all please tell me what you know about it?

I’ve noticed some pretty disgusting and extravagant fashion trends among teens recently.
For some guys, the style seems to be wearing you jeans five sizes too big and halfway down their legs so all of their boxers shorts show, and girls jeans are really tight and a little low waisted. Also, why is it that it’s in style to have pants with holes pre scraped into the fabric? The jeans companies are making a fortune selling ripped pants for $40 to $100 and more.

I finally found our local Olympics channel. The reception isn’t great, but when we move the furniture into the proper position, we get color, and if we stand still and don’t breathe, we even get sound. ;) ;) In school, I was watching the Olympics and saw the people on camera were holding up a giant Canadian flag. They interviewed the US’s 16-year-old ice skater. Yesterday I was watching the snowcross or snowboardcross or whatever it was called and saw our 20-year-old competitor doing great out 18 feet or so in front of the competition, and then she just had to try that stunt and lose her gold. Oh well. Does anyone know where I can find what the medal count is up to?

I’m already getting a ton of letters from colleges. In the past week, I’ve received 16 college brochures. It’s starting to make my head spin trying to remember everything and decide what colleges I like. I think my favorites right now are a handful of the colleges in the Concordia University system (esp. CUW), some of the really prestigious colleges, Penn State, and Concordia Saint Catherine’s up in Canada. I’ve also receive the standard letters from the US Army, Navy, National Guard, and Marines. I just need a letter from the Air Force to know for sure that the whole US Military is crazy. I mean, after all, what other reason would there be for them all thinking they want me?

The snow tubing scheduled for last Sunday when church was cancelled was rescheduled for tomorrow. It ought to be fun. Artificial snow. 40 or 50-degree weather. Just wonderful. If you think I’m being sarcastic, you’re right. I dislike artificial snow and warm winters. I will have fun though.


Currently reading:
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter by Michael Reaves
The Dragon King by R.A. Salvatore
Dune by Frank Herbert
High Calling by Evelyn Husband
Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer
The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy
That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis
Why I Am a Lutheran by Daniel Preus


Heidi said...

About the SAT, it's different for different colleges. Most of the ones I've looked say they're only interested in your highest score.

Hehe, I was cleaning my room today too. I pulled up all the stuff that had fallen down the edge of the bed. So *that's* where my crayons went... ;)

Ethan said...

All the colleges I've talked to say they only look at your best SAT score; also most advisor-types say it's good to take it more than once.

Have to comment on the books. ;) THS is, I think, one of Lewis' best books. Dune is also an excellent book, like lotr for sci-fi. RA Salvatore is fun. Pulp, yes, but fun. Couldn't get into HWH. Perhaps I've read too many "young adult" novels-they kinda run together...

Btw, pre-holed jeans ARE ridiculous :)

Anonymous said...

Most schools I've checked out have said they'll take your highest combined scores, but seeing as 2 other ppl's answers differed from depends on the school :)

Take care!

Pr. Klages said...

Ummm... Concordia St Catharines is a seminary only. The university to which it's attached is Brock U.

Seth said...

Dune, eh? Very good book, that. Different, I would call it. Not up to LotR standards, in my opinion, but for a Sci-Fi, a pretty deep universe.



Anonymous said...

How are you lking The Teeth of the Tiger? How far have you gotten in it? I've read it, and it's a cool book.

Executive Orders is good too. Have you ever read it?