Saturday, February 11, 2006


What happened to the snow?!? It was supposed to begin early early this morning, but I it's now 11 o'clock and the ground isn't even damp. See the photo? Not even damp!!! Grr... From now on I'm back to making my own weather forecasts. When I used to do that, I was always much more accurate than the weathermen anyways. is the site I use most to look at weather maps.

If you'll now look to the right, you'll see the other side of my class ring. You see "Art" and "Aaron Nemoyer" shaped out of gold, just the way my name was always meant to be. ;) :D

Now, since I'm having way too much fun this morning with my digital camera. I'll stick another one in here. Look below. I have decided that when one's drain glows it is a sure sign that you have a radio active sewer and soon will have problems with gaint bugs and mutant reptiles and giant goldfish. :P

The other day at school I saw a shirt I want. I'm sure most of you have seen those pink shirts that say, "Real men wear pink," right? Well, this was my colors. It was a red-orange shirt with big bright blue lettering. It said, "Real men wear orange." I need to get that shirt.

MH soon will have it's second couple. I just heard last night that Nathan Fischer proposed to Katie Gehlbach. She accepted of course, and they'll be the second couple MH has turned out. The first being Nick and Naomi Kavouras (formerly Naomi Rhein). I have two sisters. Both aren't actually part of my family. Katie Gehlbach is my older sister because she adopted me as her brother so she could legally annoy me. If the sister that adopted me gets married, then what is her husband's relation to me? Is he my adopted brother-in-law, or does he have to adopt me as his brother-in-law first? :P

In case you didn't know it, today is Saturday! Hooray weekend! Hooray one day I can sit around in pajamas all day! Actually, while I'm sitting writing most of this it is midnight. I'm writing on a greasy paper plate (see picture) and eating my midnight meal of spaghetti and cheddar cheese because we're out of paremaesan.

I was thinking deeply again. I know, I shouldn't do it, I might hurt myself. ;) :P But I did it anyways. I was thinking how our generation is the first to grow up with the internet. That means that we're the first generation for whom it is easy to maintain long distance friendship and keep friends long distance and such. We are the first generation that can easily fufill promises to keep in contact with higher school friend. Just thought it was interest. I'd thought of more when I thought of that, but that's all I remember.

I'm reading the book Hope Was Here. I guess it's a pretty good book.

None of the stations I'm flipping through are showing the Winter Olympics. That stinks. They're just showing college basketball and warm golf tournaments in California. I really wanted to watch those. Gr.. It must be Canadian prejudice. They know the Canadians will do better than us. Oh well.


PS. 4:00pm It's snowing now. The snow is late.


Anonymous said...

that is sooooo cool about nathan and katie...oooh...i am sooo excited for them....

Heidi said...

I've now read the post and don't remember what you said at the beginning so I'll reply to what I remember. ;D
It may be easier for us to keep in contact with people far away, but I know many many people who just are not good at being friends long-distance. I do not know whether that is by choice or not. I think it is because they are lazy. Anyway, I also know people who are great at keeping in touch long-distance, and I am very glad we have the internet! That was a dangerous subject to make me think about. I have way too many thoughts about it...

Yeah, that orange shirt sounds cool! :D

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Anon.: Yeah. It's definitely great news.

Heidi: Are you scaring everyone away from my blog as revenge for me doing it to yours? ;)

As for people being lazy and and not taking time for anything, that's what you shouldn't get me started on. I have the philosophy that being lazy and trying to make everything faster and easier is the cause of almost all problems with society today. I mean if...[pulls plug quick] Thank me later. You have no idea how close you came to the void. And when I say "void", I mean thoughts much longer flowing than your's could possibly be. Email me if you really want to hear what I think about it.