Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Sunday!

As I mentioned as a postscript yesterday, the snow finally came. It kept snowing all of last night and has snowed some today. It might be snowing more now. I can’t tell because it’s too dark to see anymore. Church was cancelled because of the snow. We were told when we got the first call that the youth group might still go snow tubing, but received a call later saying we wouldn’t because too many people were “still digging out”.

I’ve finally gotten around to doing a thorough cleaning of my room. I have no idea how long it’s been since I last cleaned it properly. It was probably when we painted a year ago. I’m very proud of myself for making progress. When my mom walked in, her comment was “Wow. I can see the floor”. Maybe I’ll actually get it really really clean, put in the wood floor we have waiting, and buy the plush blue area rug I want to complement my orange walls.

I’m getting really frustrated with the television stations around here. The Winter Olympics have been going on for three days now, but I haven’t been able to find any stations showing any of it. They are happy to show college basketball, Californian golf tournaments, and motorcycle racing, but heaven forbid that they show giant international winter sports competitions. The only brief mention they’ve gotten was when Michelle Kwan dropped out of the ice skating competitions because she’s been suffering from some injuries and this way someone else can have a go. Sad news. She was really good even if she didn’t get any Olympic golds.

I heard Audioslave last night. I like it. I tried my best to remember what the songs were, so of course I’ve forgotten. I just don’t know about that name though. I find it much easier to relate to twenty matchboxes than it is for me to relate slaves of audio.

The PSSA tests are coming up for me this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They are Pennsylvanian achievement tests that all Juniors have to pass. There are tests in English and Mathematics, but this week is only English. Math comes up mid-March. I hope I do alright. I know that I can pass it at the level I need to get, but I’m a little nervous that the five paragraph essay writing prompt will bring me down from the really high level I know I capable of. We did a bunch of practice and preparatory stuff in my English class. However, I was absent for the writing prompt practice. Juniors shouldn’t have to take so many big exams. PSAT, midterm exams, PSSAs, SAT, ACT, some other test if you might want to go into the military, and final exams. Ugh. Well, wish me luck and God’s blessing on the PSSA. I’ll tell you when I need to be blessed in preparation for the other tests.

Oh, before I go. I can’t decide if I should send some humorous Valentine cards to a couple girls who are just friends. Could you people who read my blog give me a little advice here? Thanks.

valete amici!
[vanishes in a puff of bright blue, pine scented smoke]
[coughing is heard in the distance]

PS. Don’t anyone tell my mom my blog address if she comes knocking at your door. She’s been trying to find it (i.e. asking me for the URL every time she sees me). It’s not that I have anything on here that she shouldn’t read. I’d just prefer she didn’t.


Heidi said...

Ugh, good luck and God's blessings on the PSSA! Ha! I'm homeschooled! :P ... Unfortunately, I still have to take the SAT.

Enjoy your snow! And your clean floor!

I promise not to take it the wrong way if you send me a humorous Valentine card. :D I have gotten three Valentine cards so far. All of them were from kids I teach skating to. I even got chocolate. ^_^

My parents asked if they were allowed to read my blog, and I told them no. They have not mentioned it since. :-)

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Heidi, no offense, but you weren't who I was thinking of. I will e-send you something though. Care for a box of chocolates. ;) :P But what about most girls? Do you think the average girl would take it the wrong way?

My mom hasn't asked if she can read my blog. She just told me she was going to and keeps asking what my blog URL is and giving me that look.

Heidi said...

It depends on how you write a message. Some could take it the wrong way, but if you're a good enough message-writer, they'll realize what way you mean it. Good luck! :D

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Okay, I took your advice. Thanks for commenting!!!

< glares at all the people who read without commenting > Just kidding.

Favorite Apron said...

Aaron - it's too late now, but I say send the cards. You've got to dance like nobody's watching and all that.
My mom found my blog. Like you, there wasn't anything weird on it, but it just felt strange - and I'm 40 yrs old!!

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

I sent the cards. I appreciate the advice even if it's late. I'm also glad someone else understands the way I feel about having my mom read my blog.